Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Animation & Scripts

Hello fellow KVK fans!

Kevin Walker is currently working on a short animation for your viewing pleasure. It should give some idea as to how KVK processes most stressful situations.

We will also be finalizing nearly half of a seasons scripts this week. KVK is full steam ahead.

Check back soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Encyclopedia Candymanica #2

Kick-Start the Engine

|Kik' stärt' ðə' enjən|


The action of stomping down on the jaw of your enemy, whilst holding him upside-down. A complicated set of maneuvers is required to get in proper form for the finale, whose name is derived from the similar motion used to start the engine of a motorcycle or dirt bike. If done properly it will produce a 100% fatality rate.



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hue Bi

Hue Bi

The vietnamse vixen who tugs on the heartstrings of some of the deadliest men in the world.

She lives a life of half truths. Haunted by her past. She tried to forget. During the war she fell in love with a soldier... She was brought to the states while in a coma, and awoke to find that she had survived a near death experience thanks to Krieg.

Hue Bi and Krieg are now an inseparable pair.

That is until Krieg begins acting strangely. Krieg hasn't quite been himself recently, and she hears talk of the man she used to love. She isn't afraid to find the truth. By any means necessary.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Encyclopedia Candymanica


dazz-ma-boat |'dās'mə'bōt|


A calculated attack on ones foe, in which, through a graceful sweep of the hand, the opponent's scrotal sac is removed.

Technique: Though the specific nuances of this complicated move are unknown to anyone other then the Candyman, and KVK. It is said that the proper flick of the wrist is the key. If done properly, the scrotum should come off with ease in a similar fashion to that of a paper towel being torn from its roll.

Though not a deadly maneuver, it is sure to dishearten your enemy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tony Barbell and Teddy "The Pole" Tadeusz

Ah yes, Tony and Tadeusz.

Dare I say the greatest duo to walk the civilized plane?

Well, no, I wouldn't. Because all they can manage to do as a team is infuriate each other. Actually, Tony does most of the pissing off. Tadeusz has a bit of a condition, where he snaps everytime Tony opens his big mouth, and says something absurd. Krieg insists that Tadeusz look after Tony like a brother, keep him out of trouble.

Teddy "The Pole" Tadeusz is the muscle behind Krieg's operation. A skilled classical guitarist, a former jr. olympic gymnast in Poland, and a certified master of the capoeira and Jeet Kune Do martial arts. Sometimes it's hard to tell he's master of anything at all. His temper makes sure of it.

Tony Barbell. A child, really. He has no real fighting skills, and refuses to touch anything related to a gun, despite his chosen career path. The man just doesn't get it. Or does he? No one knows. Especially Tadeusz, he thinks Tony is just another liability. But underneath that massive, childlike thing called a man, is what Krieg would call a genius. Perhaps Krieg knows something Tadeusz does not.

Despite the obvious differences between the two, they can't seem to stop running into Tony's old buddy Jack Herrera. It's too bad really. Because once Jack meets up with KVK and the Captain. Tony and Tadeusz will be in for a bigger fight than they could have anticipated.

What will break first. The scale beneath Tony's feet, or the fleeting glimpse of Tadeusz's sanity?

Time will tell.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Krieg (Spoons) and Ramon Nudile

Here, we have Krieg, and Ramon Nudile. Appearance wise, it would seem they are polar opposites. The choice in career paths tells a different story.

Krieg dwells in the underbelly of New York City. Well, he lives in a massive penthouse. But figuratively speaking, he "directs" what you would call, the criminal world. As one of the four original members of KVK's team. Kreig, known as spoons to old team, returned to the states and put his skills to use, making money any way he could, severing his connection with the military. His hard work may have paid off...Until now. When the ghost of christmas past pays him a visit, everything he worked so hard to build, will be changed forever.

Ramon Nudile. Mayor of NYC. As crooked as they come. Nudile relies on Krieg to handle some of the "less desirable" jobs. He is what you would call a milquetoast, neurotic, spineless weasel. Nudile doesn't like it when things get messy. He's been riding the sweet train of embezzlement for years, thanks to Krieg. So when he finds the F.B.I. and the Candyman knocking on his door, his neat little world begins to crumble.

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